WASHOLOGI – “the study of laundry” is a new product line that has been developed and sprungs from an idea and market survey regarding people’s laundry habits. The market survey showed that the quality people find most important for a laundry detergent
is efficiency and for a fabric softener scent and function. Many people in the survey also singled
out a common problem, namely that strong odour can be hard to get rid of when you wash
soiled sport clothes, shirts and synthetic clothes in only 40 degrees. The market survey showed
us that people find that laundry detergent products have drab and
dreary packaging and would love a product with a design that is both fashionable and attractive.
Finally everyone that took part in the survey said they would buy an environmentally friendly laundry
detergent if they had to choose. AND THIS IS WHERE WASHOLOGI ENTERS THE PICTURE Our aim with Washologi is to offer a trustworthy, credible and well-considered product line with a personal touch and based on sustainability and wholesome values. Washologi is a combination of advanced chemistry techniques and sensual fragrances. Our fragrances will inspire you with the sweet scent of: SPORT– The fresh, sweet scent of Jasmine HARMONY– The soothing, calming scent of lavender DESIRE– The popular natural soft scent of cotton flower. A bestseller both in Sweden and around the globe PLEASURE– The comforting, soothing scent of Mimosa FOR HIM- Gives a freshly washed feeling and a soft sofisticated scent of Bergamot. FOR HER- A scent that gives a freshly washed feeling and a flowery scent of lily of the valley We want you to feel confident when choosing Washologi’s Products. You are choosing a high quality, fashionable and environmentally friendly product that we have worked hard to achieve. We believe that laundry should not be a dreary duty, we believe that it can be fun, and that it should be easy to make the right choice! The market survey has been conducted out on the street, in stores and amongst friends. The participants in the market research were asked questions about their laundry habits and preferences amongst laundry detergents and fabric softeners. What is most important for you regarding laundry detergent? Is there something you believe the laundry detergents out on today‘s market are lacking? When buying laundry detergent, what do you consider to be most important: efficiency, environmentally friendly or the packaging‘s overall look? Questions asked about fabric softeners were: Do you use fabric softeners, and if so why? Why do you find fabric softener important and what makes you buy a certain product? Do you feel anything is missing regarding the fabric softeners out on today’s market?

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