A lot of laundry detergents and fabric softeners today consist of a worrying array chemicals that seriously damage our environment. At Washologi we have asked ourselves what we could do to minimize the negative impact on the environment. We came up with the following solutions: • Locally produced, Washologi’s products are produced in Sweden. • We only use highly concentrated products and less water. • We make sure your laundry gets clean at low temperatures. Your clothes will be rid of unpleasant odors at just 30 degrees. • We will never use colourings; unnecessary chemicals or artificial additives. • We will never use polycyclic musk in our perfumes. One essential difference between Washologi‘s and some other laundry detergent/ perfumed products out on the market today is that our softener does not contain polycyclic musk which is most often used to make your laundry smell fresh for a little bit longer. At Washologi we find it incredibly worrying that this chemical can be found and traced in everything from fish to human breast milk and in people‘s bloodstreams. We hope you agree and choose to value your environment over a few more hours of scented laundry and we are constantly striving to produce products that have the smallest possible amount of impact on the environment in the long run. Washologis organic wash- pure natural is biodegradable. It cleans efficiently and is environmentally friendly. ORGANIC WASH is suitable for all fabrics. It consists of no colouring or bleach. For a natural bleaching effect , add some sodium bicarbonate. ORGANIC WASH is scented with essential lavender oil. Our products are not tested on animales! We are really determined to constantly work for a better environment and take responsibility for what we will leave to the next generation. Washologi wants everyone to have fresh water and contributes to the Red Cross water and sanitation work in Ethiopia. EffeCTIVITY Many people share the belief that if you use more laundry detergent than you actually need your laundry will become cleaner. We at Washologi know that this isn’t true and know that in fact this is bad from an environmental perspective. What is true however is that the better quality laundry detergent you use, the less you need and the more efficient it is. Our market survey reveals that many people simply do not believe that you can get rid of unpleasant odors and stains at low temperatures and this has been our biggest obstacle to prove you wrong. You say that often your workout clothes, some blouses and shirts, will smell great when they are fresh but as soon as you start using your items again the musty smell will come back. Our solution? A laundry detergent called “Pure Logic” that washes your laundry clean at an environmentally friendly low of 30 degrees! Our softeners are also so concentrated that they do not contain any unnecessarily transported water whilst our linen water sprays are ideal for adding a fresh, clean aromatic fragrance to your garments without having to wash them.

- Report by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden about synthetic musk compounds in breast milk and fish.


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